About me

My purpose

I have always believed in the value of DIVERSITY. But, it was after living and working in London at a large international Bank, when I became aware of the importance of INCLUSION and promoting a BELONGING feeling within teams so that each person can thrive.


After 2 decades in Investment Banking, I am committing my experience, knowledge and energy to build a MORE sustainable, MORE diverse and MORE inclusive world

  • WHERE we all have equal opportunities regardless of our gender, generation, origin or beliefs,
  • WHERE the coexistence of diverse and inclusive cultures is promoted, and
  • WHERE any person can offer the best version of themselves

What is my differentiating factor?

  • My practical knowledge in implementing Diversity strategies in-company.
    • I launched and ledWomen on the Movenetwork at JPMorgan Iberia.
    • I am a mentor and mentee, as well as coordinator of mentoring programs.
    • I have organised and led dozens of hiring and selection events to attract female talent.
  • My 20 years of experience in a large multinational company, where I have worked in and with multicultural and diverse teams around the world.
  • My thoroughness as a financial analyst and knowledge about companies from different sectors such as Construction, Energy or Infrastructure.
  • My relationships in national and international networks.
  • AND ABOVE ALL, my passion, enthusiasm and determination to improve society and make it more sustainable.

My values


To promote companies long-term sustainability by favoring diverse teams that provide innovative and creative solutions to different challenges.


To work with the company’s various stakeholders to help advance D&I, whether they are employees, customers, suppliers or investors.


To generate spaces of trust, honesty and respect with my clients.


Active listening and being 100% customer-oriented to understand clients’ needs and seek specific solutions to the challenges they encounter.


If you want to learn more about me please check my LinkedIn profile

Financial Sector Executive

  • 20 years in Investment Banking (Vice President at JPMorgan Madrid and London)
  • Expert in financial analysis of European companies and credit products
  • Analyst expert of different sectors (construction, energy)

Diversity and Inclusion Driver (“DEI”)

  • DEI strategies advisor
  • Founder of “Women on the Move” at JPMorgan Iberia
  • Speaker, participant and moderator in D&I panels: 
  • Mentor at Instituto Empresa, Progresa Program and Everis Foundation


  • Graduated in Business Sciences at Universidad Autónoma Madrid
  • ESADE: “Proyecto Promociona”
  • Fluent in English, French, Spanish and basic German

Competitive Skills

  • Passionate and full of energy
  • Empathetic and sociable
  • Strong-willed and resolute

My passions

  • Family and friends
  • Sports
  • Nature
  • Yoga & mindfulness

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