Digital Enterprise Show Madrid 2021: #LeadWithPurpuse

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On May 20 I had the pleasure of moderating the panel organized by EJE&CON at the Digital Enterprise Show #DES2021

Under the title “Non biased leadership to thrive”, @Nancy A. Vega, @Mónica de Francisco Sanz and @Luis Álvarez Satorre shared their views on:
➡️ Diversity, Equality and Inclusion  strategies in organizations.
➡️  The growing need for employees to have a sense of belonging to the organization.
➡️  Strategies and actions to promote inclusive organizations.

We also talked about the new qualities that are emerging with the pandemic to become a good leader. We need a new leadership style that will take us to the future we really want to live in.
Some of the key skills that were discussed are:
– Visible commitment
– Humility
– Purpose
– Awareness of biases

  • Curiosity about others
    – Emotionally responsible


I loved 💙  the concept developed by Luis Álvarez Satorre on the 3 dimensions of the CEO (3D
CEO):  Chief Evangelist Officer, Chief Engagement Officer and Chief Execution Officer.

What other qualities would you add to the list?
I will be happy to comment on visions and share more ideas!
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