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Promoting Diversity, Equity & Inclusion is a huge OPPORTUNITY for organizations

Diversity, along with sustainability and digitization, is a driver for social and economic transformation. 

In addition to being a social need resulting from growing social pressure and increasingly demanding legislation, numerous studies show that promoting Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) is a HUGE ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY.

However, not all companies manage to launch their diversity strategies and have a REAL impact on their organizations.

Because, more than diversity, I believe we need an inclusive culture in which we ALL belong and:

  • WHERE we all have equal opportunities regardless of our gender, generation, origin or beliefs,
  • WHERE the coexistence of diverse and inclusive cultures is promoted, and
  • WHERE any person can offer the best version of themselves.

Promoting Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in your organization will create a Competitive Advantage

Diverse and inclusive companies:

Are MORE creative and adapt better to change
Attract and retain the BEST talent
Understand better and manage to attract and retain MORE customers
Have BETTER reputation amongst stakeholders and ain access to investors and funding sources that share D&I as a value
Are BETTER prepared to internationalize their business
and, in the long run, are MORE profitable.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion can be a differentiating factor in an organization as long as the strategy is based on authenticity, commitment and intentionality.

Therefore, placing DEI at the CENTER of organizations’ STRATEGY and designing an effective plan is key to success.

Do you want to know in what phase your organization is on its journey to promote Diversity, Equity & Inclusion? Answer these questions in this quick survey: 

What i offer

I promote diverse talent inclusion in Organizations

I guide and advise Boards of Directors, Management Committees, Human Resources and Corporate Social Responsibility teams on their way to promote Diversity in their organizations.

Promoting diverse talent inclusion, releases innovation in teams and improves connection with employees, customers, suppliers and investors, leading to better results.

I use the Alcaide Method: a 5-phase itinerary helping organizations advance their Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strategies.

Depending on your organization’s starting point, I advise and recommend the best strategy, services and programs to achieve a more diverse and inclusive environment.
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