Inspiring session with Marta Martínez #RedEWI – Empower Women in Insurance

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This week I had the great pleasure to hear from Marta Martínez,  Managing  Director  at @IBM  Europe, Middle East &  Africa, at the talk organized by #RedEWI – Empower Women in Insurance

Susana Pérez from  #RedEWI  has conducted a wonderful interview where they talked about the new working model and new leadership style:

👉 Flexibility, working for objectives, collaboration and responsibility as a rule.

👉 The so important trust and confidence in your collaborators.

👉 Not forgetting the human side that physical presence offers. Technology has been key in this pandemic, but there are issues requiring the energy that only physical meetings provide.

👉 The need to maintain boundaries to balance professional and personal life.

On the more personal side Marta Martinez shared with #RedEWI members some tips and learnings:

👉Do something you love to navigate every stage in your personal and professional life.  There are always difficult moments, but if you do what you enjoy, it will always be easier to manage them.

👉 Go step by step and be brave to embrace new challenges.

👉 Dedicate time to well-being: rest, exercise and practice your hobbies, spend time with your beloved ones …..

So many learnings today…. but above all I would highlight Marta Martínez’s humanity and openness. Such an inspiring woman !!

Finally, to close the event, the diplomas’ of the  Program “ The Next Women Generation in Insurance” were delivered to its participants.
👏👏👏Congratulations to all and thank you Marta Martínez  and Susana Pérez for such as inspiring session 👏👏👏

Can´t wait for next session of EWI Talks!!!

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