Invitation to the Advisory Board at San Telmo Business Scool

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Today I took the AVE  🚊and travelled to  Seville  🧡💚💜…. I have been invited to the Advisory  Board  of  the  Cátedra  Mujer, Empresa y Sociedad  of  San Telmo Business School   🔝🔝 where VERY INTERESTING topics were discussed….

👉 We have welcomed Carlos López Mariano as the new President of the Council,  who succeeds  Mari Francis Peñarroya  …. who has set the bar very high for  Carlos López Mariano ….although he joins as President with lots of energy.
👉  We have welcomed d the new members of the board:
Simón Chávarri de la Fuente  de  Grupo Chavsa
Olga Martín Torres  of  AXA Seguros España
Covadonga Roldán Moralejoor and Beatriz Prieto Panadero  of  Deloitte

On the other hand, all these INITIATIVES have been presented:

➡️ The collaboration with  CESUR Empresarios del Sur de España in the WOW.UP initiative  to promote women entrepreneurship in southern Spain. 👏👏👏
➡️The study “Women  and  Training in  High Management:  Motivational  and   Dissuasive Factors” by Emma Berenguer Cárceles  and  Pilar Giráldez Puig
➡️  The case “Laura Camorea” by Antonio HIDALGO PÉREZ
➡️ And I have had the opportunity to talk about the advantages of promoting #diversity  and  #Inclusion in companies and   keys that must be activated to land these strategies  ……. it is very clear to me that A GREAT CHALLENGE is to bring the  diversity and  #Inclusion to the SMEs  ….. so I PROMISE TO AN ARTICLE ON THIS TOPIC….

A real PRIVILEGE to be able to contribute my knowledge in this space and also to nourish myself from the experiences and studies of the members of the Advisory Board.

Thank you very much Elena Serrano Jiménez  and María Garrido Illescas  for inviting me to this space !!!

I look forward to your comments here: