IV Alliance Forum for the Development of Digital Talent organized by AMETIC

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This week I have been at the  IV Alliance Forum for the Development of Digital Talent organized by AMETIC where so much has been discussed about #Talent #DigitalSkills #digitaltransformation

A change of era

We are facing a change of ERA, with many challenges but also opportunities.

Digitization requires migrating to a new model of talent  prepared and trained for high value – added activities. A huge challenge that must be faced URGENTLY:

  • Because 42% of the population does not have basic digital skills.
  • And the demand for professionals who have digital and technological skills far exceeds the supply of professionals trained in this field.

If we are going to live 100 years, we’d better be open to recycling, relearning and being proactive in the transformation that this new ERA requires.  

And here,  the European Recovery Funds  and  public-private collaboration  are ESSENTIAL in the digital transformation of our country.

Challenges of digitization

The development of digital talent poses many challenges that must be faced from many angles:

  • Women represent only 16% in the technology sector. Closing the digital gap for women would increase GDP by 2.5 points . It is clear that work must be done to incorporate female talent, train in digital skills, and promote the access of girls and young women to STEM professions. Nothing new in this area, except the urgency required to tackle this task.
  • In the field of education , it is necessary to train in digital skills, so that the  future talent of our country is prepared  for the digital age. From primary to secondary education, through  Professional Training in digital subjects and focusing on training of trainers, teachers and educators in digital subjects.
  • For those of us who, in this change of ERA, are in the middle of our professional career, or almost towards the end of it,  the need for #reskilling and #upskilling. Even #preskilling , a concept that seems very interesting to me, to be prepared for any technological change that we still do not know how it will be. Here, private companies with the collaboration of the public sector  have a lot to think about, redesign and implement to ensure that their employees are trained (unlearn and relearn) and can continue to be prepared and valuable assets in their organizations. As a society, we must not discard a huge amounr of talent that we cannot afford to lose.


Many challenges were discussed:

  • close the digital gap in women,
  • digitization in rural areas
  • upskilling and reskilling of existing talent in companies
  • digital transformation of SMEs,
  • accessibility to technology  for people with disabilities and our elderly

After this IV Alliance Forum for the Development of Digital Talent organized  by AMETIC, I am happy to see that progress being made is on the right track. With  focus  and collaboration, a defined and agreed agenda between  the public sector, the private sector and the third sector, it will be possible to take advantage of a unique opportunity for the transformation of our country to make it more productive, competitive and with equal opportunities to everybody.

I leave you all the information here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SUxCGg73VzQ

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See you soon!