Keys to the inclusion of diverse talent in companies

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I have just published an article at #RED EWI about the most relevant actions to include diverse talent in companies. Although the article focuses on gender diversity, many of these ideas are valid to manage any of the existing diversities at any company.


I summarize the 6 keys below:

  1. Include Diversity and Inclusion as a pillar of business It is very important that the leaders of the organization drive this effort with authenticity.
  2. Involve men to be “allies” in favoring the progress of women in the
  3. Neutralize unconscious biases. On one hand, evaluate and review Human Resources processes. And on the other, to undertake training in unconscious bias in
  4. Make flexibility the Flexibility should not be regarded as an issue only concerning working women but all employees.
  5. Work on developing a pool of female professional to become part of the company´s new leaders generation
  6. Finally, not being complacent and be content with having “some woman to reach the top”.


 Each one of the above ideas are relevant in the Company’s journey towards an inclusive culture.


What really matters is companies being committed to turn Diversity and Inclusion into a reality, so ALL talent emerges, develops a belonging feeling and gives the best version of itself.

I leave you the link to the full article. I will be happy to comment on visions and share more ideas!