Launch of DIVERSITY TALKS at Deloitte Spain

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On March 8, I accompanied Deloitte Spain in the launch of Diversity Talks.  A NEW INITIATIVE that tries to create a space for:

  1. sharing experiences of the Firm’s most senior ROLE MODELS (the Ambassadors) with Deloitte’s younger talent
  2. and talk about the BARRIERS that each one encounters everyday.

The objective of Diversity Talks is threefold:

  1. Connect senior and junior talent
  2. Inspire and motivate Deloitte’s less experienced talent through personal experiences and real examples of Ambassadors
  3. Generate an informal support network that allows promoting networking and discussing ‘issues that matter’

On March 8 we brought together: 👇

  1. 30 senior ROLE MODELS of Deloitte Spain: the Ambassadors of Diversity Talks,
  2. 125 professionals representing Deloitte YOUNG TALENT: the Guests of Diversity Talks

Each AMBASSADOR has sat down with 4 PROFESSIONALS of the firm to chat for 30-40 minutes on topics related to:

  1. carreer development,
  2. work-life balance
  3. motivations
  4. management of difficult situations, among others…

All this in a CLIMATE OF TRUST and PSYCHOLOGICAL SECURITY that has allowed to talk about those ISSUES THAT REALLY MATTER

This does not end here…because the launch of Diversity Talks in Deloitte Spain marks the BEGINNING of the creation of a community where Diversity Talks will be spaces for meeting and sharing….

🙏 🙏 MANY THANKS to all the Ambassadors and Guests, to the entire Talent Team, Marketing, Communication and to the production technicians who have accompanied us AND HAVE MADE THIS SESSION  POSSIBLE.

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