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👉Today I am sharing the results of the EAE Business School REPORT 2022 on “The pay-gap – Equal opportunities between men and women”.

👉According to the latest Global Gender Gap Report 2022 of the World Economic Forum ( the #gendergap in Europe is 24.4%. In other words, Europe has to wait 60-year to close this gap and reach equality between men and women.

👉In Spain, gender gap is somewhat lower, 22.2% precisely because of the greater participation of women in the political life of the country.

👉 And, according to the Spanish National Institute of Statistics (INE) the pay gap between men and women currently stands at 24% in Spain.

👉In Spain, companies with more than 50 workers have the legal obligation to have an Equality Plan. That is, the company has to make public the data of its current situation (salary gap, composition of the workforce and comparison by gender, areas and levels…). As well as the action plans that will be put in place to close any gap.

👉Once the data is made public, companies have no choice but to tackle the problem, especially if they want to achieve SDG 5 of the 2030 Agenda, related to “Gender Equality”.

👉This issue is very relevant, and many companies are focusing on how to close the gap. Because the consequences of having poor numbers in relation to the gender gap has a direct impact on THE REPUTATION, THE EMPLOYER BRAND, THE ATTRACTION AND RETENTION OF TALENT of the company.

👉I recommend reading this report, in which there are testimonies of senior executives such as Marlen Estévez Sanz, Paula de Corral, Begoña Hernandez de Aguirre, Carmen M. García Carmen San Emeterio Marta Puente Albistegui. These executives talk about their experience as well as the causes and also the possible actions that can be taken to close this gap faster.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH Elena Bulmer for inviting me to participate in this report and for including my testimony. A pleasure to be part of these testimonies and to be able to contribute my vision!

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