RedEWI: working groups to share measures in the insurance sector to promote female talent

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This week, RedEWI has organized its working groups to share measures within the insurance sector that promote a  greater presence of female talent in management. And I, I have had the enormous luck to energize these working sessions. 5 sessions where, above all, I have learned a lot about the initiatives that companies in the insurance sector are taking to achieve the RedEWI objective.

RedEWI’s goal is very clear:  to reach 40% of women managers in the insurance sector by 2023.

5 Working Groups

To achieve this objective, RedEWI  holds annual working groups where managers from insurance companies meet annually to share good practices of their companies in each of the following subjects:

  1. Recruitment. This block aims to give women equal opportunities in external and internal recruitment processes. Also, encourage applying exclusively professional and objective criteria when choosing between candidates.
  2. Training. A group that has discussed the need for specific training to access positions of greater responsibility in areas in which women are underrepresented. And to accompany these women with mentoring (internal and / or external), sponsoring and coaching programs
  3. Promotion. RedEWI aims to encourage internal and external promotion in all professional groups and departments in which women are under-represented.
  4. Work-life balance. This group seeks result-oriented organizations that are conscious about the time management. As well as provide tools for both men and women to achieve that, There was a lot of discussion about the need to promote co-responsibility and flexibility.
  5. Brokers. Mediation companies have different characteristics and needs than insurance companies. Consequently, and for a greater impulse of women in this segment, RedEWI has created this special group dedicated exclusively to Insurance brokers.

A great initiative to create spaces for collaboration  where each entity shares its good practices and participates  in the debate on how to accelerate the progress of women in the sector.

Next steps.

After these working groups, the measures will be evaluated by all the entities that will vote among all those measures that are considered most effective to achieve the RedEWI objective.

After the voting, on November 21 at 1 p.m. RedEWI  will share the new set of recommended measures for 2022.

For now, I leave you this link where you can find more information about the RedEWI working groups

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