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I SUPPORT organizations in the design and implementation of their Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) strategies

  • TO improve their CONNECTION with employees, customers, suppliers and investors
  • TO achieve greater long-term PROFITABILITY

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My Method

The Alcaide Method is a 5-phase itinerary helping organizations advance on their Diversity strategies.

Analysis & Diagnosis

  • HR questionnaires
  • Equality & Diversity and Sustainability Analysis, with Diagnostic tools such as iQAL, DiQAL and SineQia
  • Surveys, interviews and focus groups
  • KPIs identification
  • HR processes analysis: talent attraction, selection, training, evaluation and promotion
  • Improvement areas’ definition

Strategy Design

  • Medium-term objectives
  • Roadmap
  • Talent process review
  • Initiatives and programs design to promote diverse talent retention

Action Plans

  • Engagement of D&I and action plans’ responsibles
  • Training for senior managers, mid-managers and employees


  • Initiatives’ communication inside and outside the organization
  •  Development of different information and feedback channels


  • KPIs and objectives review
  • Assessment on action’s progress 
  • Objectives’ redesigning

What services do I offer?

Comprehensive design of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion strategies (DEI)

Each organization is in a state of maturity and has different needs in relation to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (gender diversity, generational, cultural, origin, functional diversity, etc… )

What you can achieve: 

The Alcaide Method will help you understand where your organization stands and to design a Roadmap that will allow you advance in your DEI strategy.

Whether your organization is about to start or has already begun its journey to promote DEI, I design a personalized proposal to meet your needs.

What´s included: 

  • Analysis, diagnosis and identification of areas for improvement 
  • Objectives definition
  • Roadmap design 
  • Review of processes: talent attraction, selection, training, performance evaluation and promotion 
  • Design of programs’ design to promote talent retention: mentoring programs, training for managers and other employees, networking initiatives …
  • Implementation of programs and initiatives: I train and engage programs’ responsibles
  • Communication initiatives inside and outside the organization
  • Evaluation and monitoring

I can help you with one or more of the phases. Just ask me!

What you get: 

  • A report on the current situation (real and perceived) and areas for improvement
  • Roadmap for your Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strategy
  • Support along the design, implementation and communication of action plans

DEI Analysis and Diagnosis

Analysing the current situation is a key step to understanding the starting point of your Organization regarding Diversity, Equity & Inclusion journey.

What you can achieve: 

Through data analysis and quantitative and qualitative information, you will understand:

  • ​​what is the real situation of your organization on DEI,
  • what is the perceived situation of your organization on DEI,
  • what areas need to be prioritized to advance on DEI, 
  • which are the relevant KPIs to measure progress

What’s included:

  • Questionnaires for HR and Talent managers
  • Surveys, interviews and Focus Groups (employees, managers and middle managers)
  • Talent Process Analysis: attraction, selection, training, evaluation and promotion
  • KPIs identification
  • Definition of areas for improvement

What you get: A report with the diagnosis of the starting situation in terms of Diversity and potential areas for improvement

Equality diagnosis | iQAL

Analysis and diagnosis of gender equality in the company to promote equal opportunities as a strategic asset for social sustainability.

What will you achieve?

Knowing the vision that employees have of the company in relation to equality policies and the promotion of professional careers as a way of retaining talent.

  • Compliance with RD 901 and 902/2020 of spanish equality regulations.
  • Risk analysis and identifying opportunities
  • Boosting the Employee experience
  • Better understanding of employees’ views on gender equality.

What does it include?

  • Perception of gender equality at work
  • Job evaluation
  • Salary audit
  • Gender equality diagnosis
  • Identification of KPIs

What do you get?

A full report on the equality situation in the company such as risk areas and opportunities and optimise actions to improve gender equality in the company.

Sustainability diagnosis | SineQia


The SDGs and the 2030 agenda set the roadmap for corporate sustainability, we provide a sustainability diagnosis analysing all dimensions.


What will you get?

An analysis of sustainability evolution indicators based on the Global Reporting Initiative standards and ESG criteria for the triple non-financial report. In addition, you will be able to know the vision of the different stakeholders in terms of sustainability:

  • Real-time monitoring of KPIs of the analysis and visualisation for the report in accordance with Spanish Law 11/2018 on non-financial information and diversity, attending to the Indicators of international standards such as GRI (Global Reporting Initiative).
  • Validation system – Dialogue with stakeholders to assess the impact of activities, products and services and companies relations with stakeholders.

What does it include?

  • Social sustainability analysis
  • Economic sustainability analysis
  • Environmental sustainability analysis
  • Strategic analysis of SDGs

What do you get?

A complete diagnosis of the sustainability situation in the organisation and control to inform stakeholders about ESG criteria and corporate transparency.

Business Resource Groups design and launch

Encouraging the creation and operation of Diversity Groups or Business Resource Groups in the company is a very effective way to retain diverse talent and create inclusive environments.  A successfully a BRG, requires Management’s support and adequate resources.

What you can achieve: 

By creating Diversity Groups in your organization, you will favor diverse talent inclusion and foster belonging sentiment. BRGs can be networks to promote women professional development and progression, intergenerational connection networks, LGBTQ networks, networks’ supporting disabled people amongst others. 

What’s included:

BRGs creation includes advice on:

  • Structure design
  • Definition of its mission, values and objectives
  • Roles´ description and responsibilities assignment
  • Events calendar proposal
  • Employee engagement sessions

What you get : 

  • A roadmap to design your BRGs according to company, sector and needs.
  • Customized support in designing and establishing functional  BRGs.

Mentoring Programs

Mentoring is a key tool to achieve guided professional development and progress. If only I had a mentor at the beginning of my career… I truly believe I would have directed my career differently and would have felt having my back held on the way!!

What you can achieve:  

Amongst many benefits, mentoring favors the professional development of less experienced employees as well as leadership skills of more experienced colleagues. 

What´s included:

  • I organize formal mentoring programs or more informal sessions such as speed mentoring.
  • I also conduct training sessions and workshops for mentors including:
  • Purpose of mentoring
  • Benefits for the mentors, mentees and the organization
  • Roles and responsibilities for mentors and mentees
  • Mentoring techniques
  • Practice workshop

What you get: A training session tailored to your organization’s needs

Inspiring Sessions

What you can achieve: to inspire talent and new generations of professionals in your organization, as well as to provide them with tools to advance in their careers.

What´s included: Conferences or panels based on my experience and empathy, in which the following issues are addressed:

  • Barriers and main challenges for the promotion and development of diverse talent in companies
  • Actions employees can take to overcome these challenges and advance professionally

What you get: A session tailored to your organization’s needs.

Awareness Sessions

What you can achieve: to raise awareness about the value of Diversity & Inclusion (senior managers, mid-managers and rest of employees).

What´s included:  Conferences or panels based on experience and empathy, in which the following questions are answered:

  • Why should companies promote diversity?
  • What are the barriers and main challenges to foster diversity in the company?
  • How to achieve a diverse and inclusive environment in the company?

What you get: A session tailored to your organization needs

Training on “Unconscious Bias”

Unconscious bias is one of the key barriers to diverse talent progress.

 What you can achieve: I help you on identifying unconscious bias, recognizing it and determining the degree of impact in your organization. I also assist you in the design of measures and strategies to mitigate biases.

What´s included: ​​A training session or workshop to tackle:

    • What is unconscious bias and how does it work?
    • Impact of unconscious bias in the business.
    • How to identify unconscious bias?
    • What strategies and measures can be implemented in the company to minimize unconscious bias impact?

What you get: A session tailored to your organization’s needs and your target audience (senior managers, mid-managers, HR professionals, other employees).

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