Subsidy for the care of children affected by cancer or other serious

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Today I want to share with you some news  that makes me  very  HAPPY and I want to give as much visibility as possible.

👉 The parliamentary groups have agreed  🔝  and have approved a  Proposal  No  of   Law (PNL) to expand the subsidy for the care  of children affected  by cancer or   severe illness beyond their adulthood. Many of these children, unfortunately, will need care and attention from their parents for life… so    extending   this right  beyond 18  years old is  VITAL  for  many  families.

💛💚🧡💜 I am especially excited because these families suffer a day to day SO complicated and SO difficult that any help is little. Public authorities and society have to be together on this matter. And not to forget these people with special needs and their families, so that they have a little more bearable life ….

💪💪💪 a lot to do yet, but the first step has been taken.

🙏🙏🙏 I hope that the parliamentary committee will work quickly and take this PNL forward, to improve and provide better quality of life to these  children and  their  families.

I leave the video here:👇👇

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