Who is BMI Spain?

  • BMI Spain is a subsidiary of BMI Group, a multinational in the building materials sector operating in 40 countries and having more than 120 factories and more than 9,500 employees worldwide.
  • BMI manufactures products and systems for sloping roof and waterproofing solutions for flat roof.
  • In Iberia it has 7 factories and +200 employees.

What as BMI achieved with MAM advisory?

Comprehensive advisory and support including:

  • Roadmap design for BMI Diversity and Inclusion strategy
  • Training to the Management Committee on the importance of diversity and training on unconscious bias,
  • Employee Inspiration Session on Diversity and Inclusion.
  • Launch of BMI Business Resource Group: “Inspiring Diversity”.

Who is Toyota Spain?

  • Toyota Spanish subsidiary.
  • Activity: automobile distribution.
  • 276 dealers distributed throughout the Spanish territory.
  • 150 employees in Spain.

What has Toyota Spain achieved with MAM advisory?

Comprehensive advisory and support including;

  • Roadmap design for Toyota Spain Diversity and Inclusion strategy.
  • Toyota Spain Diversity Policy.
  • Training to its Management Committee on the importance of diversity and unconscious bias.
  • Ongoing support to its Diversity Committee.
  • 2023 Diversity Week: Employee Inspiration & Unconscious Bias session.


  • 280 participants in 1 session on 8 March 2022.
  • Excellent feedback from participants .
  • Start of an ongoing initiative .

Who is Deloitte Spain?

  • With more than 8,000 employees, Deloitte is Spain’s largest professional services firm.

What has Deloitte achieved with MAM advisory?

  • Launch of a new “Diversity Talks” initiative.
  • Diversity Talks is a space where more senior role models (“the ambassadors”) share their experience with young talent. It gives the opportunity to talk about the barriers that they encounter throughout their career.
  • The objective of “Diversity Talks” is threefold:
    • Connect senior and junior talent.
    • Inspire and motivate junior talent through the Ambassadors’ personal experiences and real examples.
    • Generate an informal support network where its participants can talk about the issues that really concern professionals (career and professional development, work life balance, motivations, management of difficult situations …).

Myriam has given us a truly enlightening testimony. I wasn’t aware of all the biases we have in our day-to-day lives.

It is a topic with a great impact in current work environment, but that additionally must be managed carefully because of its implications in the new models of interaction with generative AI technology.”

Borja Ramírez Martin de la Hinojosa. Head of Digital – BNP Iberia

Who is BNP Spain?

  • BNP Paribas is the international bank with largest presence in Spain and providing the widest range of services.
  • With nearly 5,100 professionals in Spain, BNP helps its clients with their business needs on investment, savings and insurance solutions.

What has BNP Spain achieved with MAM advisory?

An inspiring session for Madrid office employees including:

  • Personal storytelling: how I have navigated my career in Investment Banking.
  • Training on unconscious biases: What are these? What are the most common biases at work? How can we mitigate unconscious biases?

Who is Liberty Seguros?

  • It is Liberty Spanish subsidiary.
  • It is the 8th car insurance Group, 10th in home insurance.
  • It has 1,500 employees.

What has Liberty Seguros achieved with MAM advisory?

Virtual awareness session on:

  • The importance of diversity in organizations.
  • The barriers and challenges to promote diversity in organizations.
  • Unconscious bias: What are unconscious biases? What are the most common biases at work? How to mitigate biases?


– + 2/3 of the JPM Iberia workforce adhered to WOTM.

– Male-female ratio: 45%-55%.

– + 30 local events in 3 years .

– Referent BRG in JPM EMEA

What is Women on the Move (“WOTM”)?

It is an internal group of JPMorgan employees sponsored by the company whose mission is to promote the professional development and advancement of JPMorgan female professionals.

KEYS to success:

  • President and Management Committee engagement.
  • Partnering with HR.
  • Diversity in WOTM Leadership Team.
  • Men as Allies.
  • Support from Business Directors.
  • Inclusive events for ALL employees.
  • Coordination with WOTM Global Events.
  • Active listening to feedback.
  • Communication.

What is Red EWI?

  • Empower Women in Insurance is a network including companies and professionals from the Insurance Sector sharing a common goal: “to promote the presence of women in the managerial positions”.
  • It counts with 1,500 members and 100 companies.

What has Red EWI achieved with MAM advisory?

  • Dynamization of the working groups to agree on measures to foster:
    • Selection.
    • Training and development .
    • Promotion.
    • Work-life balance and flexibility.
  • Awareness and inspiration sessions to Red EWI members.

Diqal helps organizations know the level of maturity of their Diversity, Equity & Inclusion strategy. It facilitates the construction of the diversity map and allows understanding to how the different stakeholders of the organizations perceive it.

What is DiQal?

  • Diqal is a tool developed jointly with Qaleon. It facilitates the construction of companies’ Diversity Map.
    • It allows to understand:
      • Companies’ current situation on Diversity through data analysis.
      • The perception of companies’ stakeholders (employees, customers, suppliers, and shareholders) with regards to Diversity

What does DiQal allow?

  • Dialogue with stakeholders.
  • Identifies expectations for decision-making.
  • Identifies corporate gaps.
  • Construction of the diversity map.
  • Validation and implementation of DEI policies.
  • Prioritization matrix definition.


  • 2 published articles.
  • 2 presentations to the Advisory Board.
  • 1 Guide of best DEI practices.

Who is San Telmo Business School?

  • San Telmo Business School is one of the most renowned Business Schools in Spain. It develops training activities, some of them unique in Europe.
  • The aim is to help people in Senior Management in their decision-making processes to take increasingly fair and more sensible decisions as well as to run their firms effectively whilst respecting those collaborating with them.

What has San Telmo Business School achieved with MAM advisory?

Collaboration with the Chair of Women, Business and Society through:

  • Publication of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) articles.
  • A Project to promote diversity whose objective is:
    • Understand the measures that participating companies adopt in relation to diverse talent attraction, recruitment, training, promotion, and retention.
    • Share amongst project’s participants the DEI measures that currently work best in organizations..
    • Develop a guide of best practices to promote DEI in organizations.


  • +80 attendees.
  • Watch the vídeo

Who is Fundación Diversidad?

  • A foundation whose main goal is to promote and implement the Diversity Charter in Spain among companies and public institutions, and to become a support for the implementation of diversity and inclusion policies and strategies in Spain.

What has Fundación Diversidad achieved with MAM advisory?

  • An open virtual session to discuss “Business Resource Groups (BRGs): a lever to promote an inclusive culture in the company”.
  • BRGs make employees feel more engaged and help them develop their full potential.
  • 1 hour webinar where I explained how to successfully design and boost these groups internally.

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