Super interview at Mensajeros de la Paz!!!

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On November 3rd I have been invited by Mensajeros de La Paz – a non for profit organisation whose mission is to integrate most vulnerable people in our society – to participate in a great talk and debate. A great way for me to share my perspective and my ideas to promote diversity and inclusion in companies and, of course, in society.

@Federico Acaso – from Mensajeros de la Paz – and I have discussed at length about:

  • The importance of promoting diversity in companies.
  • Barriers to the progress of diverse talent in companies
  • What can we do to accelerate the change towards inclusive environments

The importance of promoting diversity in companies.

Evidence shows that boosting D&I is a HUGE economic opportunity. According to McKinsey:

  • promoting gender equality could contribute globally in 2025 +$12 trillion to GDP,
  • companies with adequate female representation at managerial levels, have a 50% chance of being more profitable than those that do not have it,
  • companies with ethnic and cultural diversity on their management committees are 36% + likely to have a higher operating margin.

MOST diverse companies:

  • are MORE innovative and better adapt to changes
  • manage to attract and retain MORE talent,
  • understand better and manage to attract and retain MORE customers,
  • gain access to investors and financiers who increasingly give MORE value sustainability and reputation,
  • are MORE prepared to internationalize their business,

………and, ultimately, they are MORE profitable.

Although, as I always mention, more than diversity, we need an inclusive culture in which we ALL feel we belong to.

Barriers to the progress of diverse talent in the company

  • Unconscious bias
  • Lack of dedication to generating formal/informal support networks
  • Difficulty balancing personal life with demanding positions
  • Lack of identification with the values diverse talent believe the company attributes to senior management
  • Absence of training in inclusive leadership
  • Lack of support to promote to the next level: need of training, mentoring, coaching, sponsorship
  • Little role models with diverse profiles in key positions

What can we do to accelerate change?

  • Place Diversity and Inclusion as a pillar of business strategy and involve the company’s leaders at the center of this effort.
  • Neutralize unconscious biases.
  • Make flexibility the norm so work-life balance is not considered as an issue only concerning working mothers.
  • Create a diverse pool of talent to become the generational shift in the company.

I leave you in link to the video below:

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