Progress Survey on Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) 

Diversity and inclusion

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The size of our company in number of employees is:

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Our organization is focused in the following sectors:

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When it comes to Diversity and Inclusion (D&I), our organization:

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What is the position/responsibility you hold in your organization: (Human Resources, Management Committee, Corporate Social Responsibility Department, Marketing Department, etc...)?

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We offer Diversity and Inclusion training to all employees.

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Our management team is trained to lead by promoting    equal opportunities

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We offer specific training to the HR team, hiring managers and recruitment teams to reduce discrimination and unconscious bias in recruitment process.

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We offer specific onboarding training to new employees when they join our organization.

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We offer all employees continuous training and mentoring to support their professional development.

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We offer training to raise awareness of the importance of Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace.

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We have a Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) action plan.

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As an organization, we wear "equity lenses" in our decision-making process.

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Do you think your organization's D&I programs are effective?

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Do you feel your organization's D&I efforts are having a positive impact on your organization's culture?

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Tell me more about your organization D&I strategy and needs so I can analyze how to best assist you

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