Diversity and Inclusion: What can we do to accelerate change?

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I am very happy to have done a session at EWI Workshops in which I have talked about a topic that I am passionate about. Diversity and Inclusion: What can we do to accelerate change?

In this EWI Workshop I covered the following topics:

  1. The importance of promoting gender diversity in companies
  2. Barriers to women’s progress in organizations
  3. What can we do to accelerate change?

Why is it important to promote gender diversity in companies?

Diversity is a competitive advantage since the MOST diverse companies:

  1. are MORE innovative and better adapt to changes
  2. manage to attract and retain MORE talent,
  3. understand better and manage to attract and retain MORE customers,
  4. gain access to investors and financiers who increasingly give MORE value sustainability and reputation,
  5. are MORE prepared to internationalize their business,
  6. and, ultimately, they are MORE profitable.

Although, as I always say, more than diversity what we need is an inclusive culture in which we ALL feel we belong to.

Barriers to the development and promotion of women in companies

There are social or organizational barriers such as:

  1. Less dedication of women to networking
  2. Difficulty of balancing childcare with a demanding position.
  3. Lack of identification with the values that women believe the company attributes to senior management.
  4. Business culture and patronizing leadership.
  5. Lack of women leaders in key positions.

And there are personal barriers. Those barriers related to self-limitations and preventing women to face new challenges. Either by lack of confidence, by guilt or by not asking for help for example.

What can we do to accelerate change?

On a personal level, take charge of your career:

  1. Talk regularly with your manager about your career aspirations
  2. Develop a career plan
  3. Look for mentors and/or sponsors.
  4. Work on your network

At the manager level, create more inclusive environments:

  1. Training on unconscious biases
  2. Ensure objectivity in talent selection, training and promotion.
  3. Facilitate conversations about career plans and tools such as  training, coaching  or  mentoring
  4. Encourage inclusive gatherings

And something key: this change must go hand in hand with men. Men must be active allies and agents of change in the process to accelerate change towards greater diversity and inclusion. And favor the professional development, promotion and mentoring of female talent.

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